New Studio in Hollywood CA.

New Studio in Hollywood CA.

February 22, 2017 New Post 1

Whats up ya’ll?!

Thank you for visiting our website.

Those of you who have been down with HotBox Studios since we first launched in Alhambra know how much work and dedication we have put into making this studio dream a reality of ours.

As of February 2017 we are pleased to announce that we have moved into our new studio location in Hollywood California.

We want to thank our dedicated team of engineers, producers, and managers. But most importantly, we want to thank YOU the artist. Without your constant passion for creativity and music we would not be here.

Thank you!

Its a New Year and its time for some Hot New music! Lets work!

-Yours Truly

HotBox Studios


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  1. Juice says:

    Good stuff keep making positive moves…

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